Hooray for Time Machine. In an idiot move I deleted an Audio Hijack 'Session' instead of a recording.

I found the sessions file at '/Users/miraz/Library/Application\ Support/Audio\ Hijack\ 4/Sessions.plist' and restored an older copy.


Turns out the session was simple …

The session shows the Safari application sends an MP3 file to disk and plays the sound on my Mac.

It was probably someone on Micro.Blog who put me on to the Reasons to be Cheerful news website. It does cheer me every morning, with articles like this — A Vibrant Local Food System Grows in Colorado:

GoFarm is working to make affordable healthy food more accessible while training the next generation of farmers.

Give the site a try.

I enjoyed No Harm, No Foul (Detective Fran Harman Mysteries Book 5) by Judith Cutler. 📚

Fran and the team find themselves overloaded with work as they carry out two separate investigations.

One missing child. Twenty skeletons, walled up in a derelict building.

Book cover: No Harm No Foul.

I must say that Radio NZ specialise in "dicey" headlines:

Screenshot of headline that reads: Rarest whale in the world found by Dunedin man sat on couch, having a cup of tea.

I'd love to see a whale having a cuppa. 😆

Today I had brunch with my friend J at Ōtaki then we drove around 12 Km southeast to where the road to Ōtaki Forks is closed on account of a slip about 4 years ago.

I've never been to that area before, and it's gorgeous. We walked a couple of kilometres then turned round.

Ōtaki Forks walk, road closed barrier and signage. Lush green hills behind.
Steps with a rope hold cross the slip. Lush green hills behind.
Lush green hills with a small river flowing through the valley below.

It's been just the weather for the basket fungus, Ileodictyon cibarium, to appear — warmer the last couple of days, and damp with a few millimetres of rain.

Basket fungus.

Aaand, the power came back 2 minutes after my previous post. A total outage of about 1.25 hours.

Hmmm, the power went off just before 6 pm and may come back on in a couple of hours, if we're lucky. Fortunately I'd already eaten dinner.

The new Portable Power Station is getting its first workout: charging a phone, watch and laptop. I hadn't expected it to be noisy — there's a fan running (or something).

On the beach this morning: a (seeming giant) Spur-winged Plover next to a (truly small) Black-fronted Dotterel. 🐦

On the left a tiny dotterel, next to a much larger spur-winged plover.

Plover: Length: 38 cm; Weight: 350 - 370 grams

Dotterel: Length: 16 - 18 cm; Weight: 30 - 35 grams

I enjoyed Thou Shalt Not Kill (Sister Agnes Mysteries Book 1) by Alison Joseph. 📚

It strikes me that this series would probably work well on Acorn TV.

Sister Agnes Bourdillon … belongs to an open Order in gritty Central London. … [but she] feels torn between her instincts and her faith. Obedience to her Order is what she signed up for. But it doesn’t come easy. Especially when there’s a twisty mystery to be solved.

Book cover: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

At first I wondered why the street we were walking down in Palmerston North the other day had stencils like this on all the parking spaces.

Stencil of George Gershwin on a street.

Then I realised they were all "Georges": Gershwin, Prince George, etc.

Aha: George Street!

Whimsical and clever.

It was dusk when we left the movie yesterday and birds were roosting in the big trees along the Square in Palmerston North. 🐦

Deb and I watched Fly Me to the Moon at the movie theatre in Palmerston North. 🎥

It was excellent: funny, interesting, lightly romantic, well written, well acted. Recommended.

Fly Me To The Moon Movie Poster.

A relationship develops between the NASA director in charge of the Apollo 11 launch and the marketing specialist brought in to fix NASA's public image and stage a "back-up" fake Moon landing.

With a big high still bringing us cold nights and lovely days, and no wind to speak of, the sea was so calm again this morning. Hardly any waves at all. For the Pacific Wave Appreciation Society. 🌊

New shoes day — Orba Shoes — Women's Ghost Sneaker:

Designed in New Zealand, Orba shoes are handcrafted using the finest, most renewable plant-based materials in the world.

Matched with excellent lacing — Ian's Shoelace Site — they should be excellent.

White sneakers on feet.

I'm so naive sometimes. I had no idea individuals would have helipads on their houses. I'm shocked — Auckland residents unite against multimillionaire Anna Mowbray's helipad plan | RNZ News:

If the helipad is approved, it will become the ninth helipad in a residential area of the city. … There has also been opposition to helicopter pads on Waiheke Island, where the number has jumped to 60, and there are at least nine on Aotea/Great Barrier Island.

A friend, Sophie, is currently travelling in Sweden to visit family and then on a week long knitting tour in Scotland and the Shetlands. She seems to be having a lot of fun.

She probably doesn't realise though that she's blogging her trip as she uses what looks to be an excellent service called Polarsteps:

One travel app for all your adventures
Plan, track and relive your trips in a smart and beautiful way.

We Kiwis don't like to toot our own horns much but I wanted to keep this for future memories. For years I worked on behalf of the local community and wrote a monthly newsletter. I stopped doing all that recently. Then Tim emailed:

Email says: Thank you for all you have done for Waikawa. especially for your dedicated commitment publishing Waikawa News over many years. Your regular newsletter was first and foremost a community asset, professionally presented, informative. encouraging, binding. A brilliant and impressive contribution.

It is a precious email, a taonga to me. (A treasure)

At dawn this morning there were 3 Royal Spoonbills in the ponded area of the beach where the Pied Stilts like to hang out. I was delighted, as I thought the spoonbills had abandoned us. 🐦

Pied Stilt: who dis?
Pied Stilt: who dis?
Three spoonbills snoozing.
Three spoonbills snoozing.

I came across the weirdest thing on the beach this morning. It was about 2 metres long and to my eye looked like an octopus (or squid maybe) and a shark had got into a fight and drowned together.

In one photo below you can easily see a tentacle wrapped around the fish.

A long dead fish on sand. Where its head should be is a cluster of white objects like bones. A tentacle is wrapped around the fish body.
Close up on the head end of the fish.