Late afternoon and I was just walking from one room to another when I noticed these (perhaps juvenile) Eastern Rosellas on the flax plants nearby. I love their bright colours. Photographed through the window. 🐦

Two colourful Eastern Rosellas on flax  spears.
Two colourful Eastern Rosellas on flax  spears.
Eastern Rosella on a flax spear.

Anna Havron is a generally smart person. I like what she has to say here — Inner Trolls and Better Angels: Being a Person, Online:

I see great value in sites that post personal observations. They do what novels do: they help us grow in empathy and imagination. They help us to see one another as full human beings rather than objects, roles, or labels.

I realise Micro Camp 2023 left me on a real high — took me all day to calm down afterwards. I’m really energised by the presentations, keynote and other discussions, the chats and what others have posted since.

I learned a heap, and now I’m so full of ideas, things I want to do and to think about!

This 9 minute video is so good and the food looks delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wide assortment of mushrooms in our shops.

Julia Child’s Favorite Mushroom Risotto | Cooking with Lidia Bastianich

The actual recipe: Risotto with Mushrooms - (Risotto con Funghi) Recipe | PBS Food.

What’s that big star in the west, Deb asked. The crescent moon, I smartly replied … and Venus. 🤣

Crescent moon and Venus in the west, in an indigo sky, with trees below.

There's always one who's late to the meeting… Pāpango | New Zealand scaup on Lake Puna o te Ora. 🐦

4 New Zealand scaup on a small lake, with a grouping of 3 facing one another, and one heading towards them.

A new series but another excellent police procedural from Anne Shillolo: Murder at Elk Ridge (An Elk Ridge Murder Mystery Book 1). Nice character introduction and development, great setting, good story. Can’t wait to read the next in series 📚

Book cover: Murder at Elk Ridge.

Pukeko at the edge of Lake Puna o te Ora. 🐦

Pukeko - a blue bird with an orange bill.

Pro tip: when Micro.Blog seemingly just refuses to publish your post — make sure it’s not set to Draft. 🤣 (Wasted a fair bit of time earlier…)

Apparently this orange plastic cylinder I spotted washed up on the beach today is a Burley Pot. The idea is to put bait in it to attract fish.

Orange cyclinder made of plastic, with small holes to allow bait to escape and fish to feed.

On this morning’s beach walk I walked in amongst a big spread of driftwood of all sizes. When I turned round I spotted this wonderful orange fungi on a log.

Two large Orange fungi on driftwood.
Close up of one orange fungi on driftwood.

Whew, I thought we’d just watched the last ever episode of Vera. In fact it was the last available episode. Vera S12E04.

After the disappointing movie yesterday we had excellent Thai food at Tuk Tuk Waimea in Waikanae. I had stir fry chicken with fresh vegetables and ginger. A smidgeon too salty but very delicious.

A plate of stir fry chicken with fresh vegetables and ginger.

Micro.Blog pals — a 1 day coupon for MarsEdit!

I usually only offer discounts of 10% or 20%, but in celebration of 2023 I’m offering a 50% discount on MarsEdit. Use this link and see the 50% discount when you continue to checkout:

How to customise the MarsEdit Preview

When you write a blog post in MarsEdit you can see a Preview right in front of you as you type.

I like to arrange my windows side by side, with the editing window on the left and the Preview on the right. As I type or paste in text and add images I can see how my Post is shaping up.

The Default Preview Template

The Default Preview Template controls how your Blog Post is displayed. It comes with a handful of styles defined, and a very basic layout.

The Preview window with template Editor open.

The Title of your Post appears in white on black, and there's a bit of space between the text and the edges of the window.

Add styles from your Blog

The default preview styles are fine to start with, but before long you'll might wish the Preview looked a bit more like your blog's web page.

That's easy to fix.

Locate the CSS file for your blog and copy its contents (or just relevant parts, if you know what they are).

At the bottom of the Preview window is a button labelled Edit Template. Click that button to be able to edit the Preview Template.

Now add a style portion in the head section of the template and paste in the CSS rules from your blog.

Use Placeholders

There are additional improvements you can add to the Preview.

I work with several sites and like to display the name of the blog in the Preview, just so I can be sure I'm working on the correct site. I also like to display the categories I've assigned to the Post, and the Permalink too.

The Permalink displays only if the Post has been saved as a Draft or Published.

Categories and the like are available through Placeholders.

Placeholders allow my Preview to show blog name, categories and other data.

At the top left of the window is an Insert Placeholder drop-down menu. Put the cursor where you want the placeholder to be used, and then choose an appropriate item from the menu.

Note: the Permalink is available as the 'URL'.

The screenshot shows that I set up a special 'header' area for items like title and tags, so they are enclosed in a div with an id of titleContainer. The bulk of the Post, its body, is enclosed in a div with an id of bodyContainer.

I control their appearance within the styles at the top of the Preview Template.

My Preview template actually doesn't closely match how the Post is actually displayed on the live site, though some parts are very similar.

But that doesn't matter to me. The point is that you can edit that Preview template to suit how you work, and what you need. Mine works well for me.

And it's really useful that there's a separate Preview template for each blog you work with in MarsEdit. If you wanted, you could set each up quite differently.

This post was originally published on my now defunct KnowIt blog on 06 May 2010. I've updated it, made fresh screenshots and adapted it slightly.

Resources for my MarsEdit presentation at Micro Camp 2023

See my presentation on YouTube.

These resources go alongside my Micro Camp presentation, Take the Captain’s Chair of your Micro.Blog with the MarsEdit App for Mac: Time Travel, Replicators, Warp Speed and More :

We went to see the movie Aftersun 🎥 :

a 2022 coming-of-age drama film … an 11-year-old girl, on holiday with her father at a Turkish resort on the eve of his 31st birthday. … It was also named one of the best films of 2022

Load of twaddle. Go see something worth watching.

Aftersun movie poster.

I’d totally forgotten that MarsEdit can do TypeWriter Scrolling in the composition window. It’s right there under the View Menu. Don’t care for it myself, but I know some love it.

Screenshot showing text starts half way down the composition window.

Just now pondering at a very shallow level, whether there’s a role at future Micro Camps for a brief pre-Camp Zoom checkin session where we can discover we need to download a newer version, have forgotten our passwords, how to raise our Hand, Un/Mute, reply to people in chat and other techie things.

Excellent start to Micro Camp 2023 today. Thanks to everyone who participated but especially to all those who helped organise!

The sessions were interesting and engaging. I enjoyed hearing everyone's thoughts on all the topics raised.

Micro Camp 2023 first day schedule.