4 years ago I wanted Micro.Blog to help me write more

Update: thanks to @artkavanagh for pointing out that I'm just shy of 5 years, not 4!

Hah, on 13 January 2018 I wrote on my new Micro.Blog with a link to my now removed and archived KnowIt blog:

A fresh start in 2018. In which I stop posting on my nearly 20 year old WordPress blog and take up at Micro.blog.

Over on KnowIt on 12 April 2018 I wrote (emphasis added to the quoted text):

I started blogging in 1999 — nearly 20 years ago — on a DIY HTML page. At times since then I've written on several blogs, quite regularly — even several times per week. These days it seems most of my writing goes on Twitter.

Meanwhile, this blog has accumulated some 3,255 published posts and 2,677 media items.

As we launch into 2018 the site feels heavy. It's a bit of a psychic weight and I feel keenly aware that I hardly ever write here any more.

It's a responsibility writing a blog post: finding and preparing one or more images, choosing topics, words and phrasing carefully, researching things, attributing sources and so on. In 2017 I wrote 25 posts, and published 23. The other two were never finished.

I've been considering what to do with this site. It has around 1,000 page views per month — well down on earlier times, and not surprising since I don't update very often and have switched to random posts rather than topic-based information.

There are 1,669 email subscribers, which sounds good but when I view the list of email addresses I'm confident in saying 99% are spammers rather than actual readers.

I don't want to delete the site — there's still some good info here, though some of the old stuff is truly archaic and occasionally embarrassing.

What I've decided to do is to make a fresh start. I'm unlikely to add anything new here, but will be making brief updates at Miraz.micro.blog. They are automatically cross-posted to Twitter [link removed].

Micro.blog is about brief writing. I'm hoping I'll actually write more words in a week by switching. It should also free me up to be more casual, more spontaneous, more willing to write. I hope it'll be lighter and quicker.

Who knows, maybe I'll switch back here at some point. Maybe I won't. It's definitely a fresh start.

Note: as at 23 December 2022 I have 4046 posts on Micro.Blog and I've written 9928 replies to posts others have made on their blogs. What's more, I know the folks reading are real people, not bots or spammers. I don't know or really care how many people are reading this blog, but I do know I love this community.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz