Recently read a 2-book freebie with Cooking Up Trouble (The Fun Cruise Mystery Series, A Sweet Romantic Cozy Mystery 1) and Undercover On The Calypso: Book One: The Cozy Cruise Mysteries, both by Lizzie Josephson. 📚

I enjoyed Undercover On The Calypso well enough and may read more in the series:

Adrianne Chrisander inherited a small cruise line from a great uncle she hadn’t seen since she was two. Exciting, huh? But there were problems.

Book cover: Undercover On The Calypso.

Cooking Up Trouble had a lot of cooking competition detail, plus a romance, neither of which is really my thing:

Veronica thought a cooking competition was a great way to introduce Fun Cruises to the world, but she hadn’t counted on trouble rearing its ugly head.

Book cover: Cooking Up Trouble.
Miraz Jordan @Miraz