Our unfriendly roads

An email to NZTA today:

For exercise and also to do my bit to reduce car use and save putting some CO2 into the atmosphere I biked from my home at Waikawa Beach, Horowhenua, to the dairy at Manakau today to get the bottle of milk I needed. That's about a 20 Km round trip. That's an easy trip on an electric bike.

The dairy is on SH1, which is so dangerous there's no way I'll ride my bike along any part of it near us. I dismounted at the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1 intending to wheel my bike along beside SH1 to reach the dairy about 225 metres away.

However the side of the road there was full of dense grass and weeds to at least knee high. See attached photo. I had to chain my bike to the fence and walk beside the road, on the tar seal.

I feel NZTA should at least mow this stretch of ground beside SH1, if a proper footpath is not being laid. This dairy is convenient for all those who live at Waikawa Beach — it's the closest store.

I'm aware of others who cycle to the dairy for supplies. It's not just me.

The climate crisis is urgent and everyone should be doing their part to not only allow less polluting modes of transport, but to encourage them. NZTA could help encourage cyclists and pedestrians from Waikawa Beach to avoid using their motor vehicles for such short trips. A little mowing is all it would take, though ideally there would be a proper footpath.

Please do something to make this 225 metre strip safe for people to access the dairy and nearby vege shops.

Miraz Jordan, [address]

Screen Shot of map.

And check out the web form response:

We are currently experiencing higher than normal email volumes. We aim to respond within 10 working days.

Yeah, yeah, sure!

Higher than expected email volumes.

BTW: non-Kiwis — a dairy is a small shop that sells items like milk, butter, bread, non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and other basic supplies.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz