A Reluctant Cook

Although I’ve always enjoyed eating delicious food I’ve also always disliked cooking. I never learned how to cook, though I could muster up often acceptable dishes like scrambled eggs or some kind of meat and vegies.

Something happened a couple of years ago — I don’t know what — and things have changed.

My first big realisation was around shopping and cooking. I always used to buy food — the kind of stuff one should buy, like vegies, and also meat — and then try to figure out how to make meals. What a chore!

💡 My lightbulb moment was to first find a recipe and then to buy ingredients.

It’s so obvious in retrospect. How come it had never occurred to me before? Perhaps because I didn’t like to cook so why would I look for a recipe…?

Anyway, that’s part one of my reluctant cook’s story.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz