How to maintain your speaking voice

As I get older I’ve become a little concerned about my voice. Sometimes when I try to call the dogs on the beach my voice ‘cracks’ and even disappears. Sometimes when I talk with people I think my voice isn’t reliable and can be a bit creaky.

I went in search of helpful videos and found a whole swag on YouTube from County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. Unfortunately they hadn’t made a playlist, but I worked through the videos yesterday, ignoring a couple of duplicates and ended up with this wonderful list of 28.

Some videos are slightly longer; some are less than 60 seconds. Most are just a couple of minutes.

One hilarious thing for me is that I just can’t do something most babies probably do without effort: a lip trill, where you put your lips together and blow through them to vibrate the lips: Bbbbb. Nope, no can do!

I hope by practicing these various warmups and techniques I can strengthen my voice, making it smoother and more reliable.

Have fun!

  1. Warm Up Exercises
  2. Dynamic Stretches
  3. Vocal Function Exercises
  4. Pitch
  5. Resonant Voice
  6. Breathing Exercises
  7. Lax Vox
  8. Silent Laugh
  9. Whine
  10. Sob
  11. Creak
  12. Stifled Yawn
  13. Yawn Sigh
  14. Volume and Projection
  15. Accent Method
  16. Silent Inspiration
  17. Tongue Trill
  18. Tongue Roll
  19. Lip Trill 2
  20. Voiced Fricatives
  21. Glides
  22. Hmmm
  23. Pops
  24. Plosive Consonant Closure
  25. Smooth Onset
  26. Breath Before Tone
  27. Glottal Onset
  28. Siren 2
Miraz Jordan @Miraz