Playing ball with a blind dog on the beach

Sometimes over the years Sasha 🐶 has had fun chasing a ball along the beach. This photo from 2019 shows her chasing a ball I’d rolled for her. She has never really been up to seeing a ball thrown through the air .

Sasha and a ball on the beach.
Sasha and a ball on the beach.

Sasha’s now 141/2 and almost blind. We think she can see some light and dark, maybe.

Today we found a washed up bright yellow tennis ball so I thought she might like to play. It’s been a while …

First I had to look for a flat bit of sand, unimpeded by driftwood. Then I had to make sure Sasha knew what was happening and was looking roughly the right way.

Then I rolled the gently so it didn’t go too far or too fast. Quite often Sasha could see it go by, went chasing after it and caught up to it. Maybe a third of the time she missed.

Then I tried making sure the ball tapped the sand by her ear so she could hear it starting off. A few times I missed and the ‘tap’ was too far back or in front of her.

All up though, I think Sasha really enjoyed having a bit of playtime like this.

Now I’m wondering if there are balls with bells in that could help her track them?

Miraz Jordan @Miraz