I try to keep this blog positive but need to vent a bit today about logins.

In the good old days you’d use a username and password to log into a website. We’ve all been educated now to use good passwords too and some of us use a password manager, like 1Password, for extra security and convenience.

These days we have foolishness like sites that make you enter a username on one page and then a password on the next. Annoying!

My current gripe is the ones that make you verify yourself via an email, even after providing a username and password.

Amazon require verification.
Amazon require verification.
Patreon require verification.
Patreon require verification.

I’ve given you my username and my password and sometimes even told you how many traffic lights are in a stupid picture: take me to the good stuff now!

I’m really getting pretty fed up with it. On trying to view a video from a creator I support on Patreon, I even considered getting out of Patreon thanks to this ridiculous roadblock. Why should I verify just to watch a video. But getting out would hurt the creator.

And while I’m ranting: I love Micro.Blog but it doesn’t even let me use a password. If I need to log in again on the web I have to wait for an email with a special link that I can’t then use next time, weeks or months later! It’s ridiculous and very annoying.

I suppose all this stuff is to deal with bots or something, but heck! even my bank just needs a username and password. I can’t believe I have to jump through hoops to watch a video on Patreon.

Rare rant over.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz