OK, as a dog owner I have something to say to other dog owners. If your dog comes up to mine to ‘play’ and I know my dog probably doesn’t want to play, then when I ask you to call your dog, your correct response is: “Sure. Here dog!”

If your dog starts humping mine then that’s an even bigger clue that “They’re only playing” and “Dogs do that” and “If my dog gets bitten by yours then that’s my dog’s problem” are all incorrect responses.

Our dogs are 14 now, nearly blind and arthritic. They’re fine with most dogs but aren’t always. If other dogs annoy them they may gang up on that dog and things can get a bit tense. I don’t want my dogs to end up injured, and actually I don’t want other dogs to end up injured either.

Rule of thumb: the correct response to “Please call your dog” is “Of course, Here dog!”


Miraz Jordan @Miraz