The Levin New World supermarket had things well-organised this morning. Just as I was wishing I’d brought some water while waiting in line a worker walked past offering a free bottle of water to anyone waiting.

Another worker went down the line regularly to identify folks who should be moved up. One woman (slightly breathless) moved in front of me. She is vulnerable but has no-one to shop for her. I mentioned a couple of sources of help (Red Cross and the local Regional Council) to turn to in future.

One person was allowed in for each one who left. Staff were busy directing shoppers and cleaning.

Apart from the necessary queueing it was actually a very easy visit, with uncrowded aisles. And, I’ve only just realised, none of the usual music and urgings to buy, or to not let kids hang off trolleys.

An orderly queue with folks a couple of metres apart.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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