Before the Kindle

Heh, back in December 2005 I wrote this blog post (lightly edited):

Here's a quick list of items I need to sell. It all works.

  • Panasonic TV: TC-21PM50Z
  • Panasonic DVD and CD player: DVD-S35
  • Panasonic VCR: NV-HD630
  • iPod: 3rd generation, 30Gb. Includes whatever came in the box with it.
  • Belkin Media Reader for iPod
  • Laser printer: Apple LaserWriter 16/600 — ethernet and postscript
  • Videos: Babylon 5 TV series: full set of all 5 seasons
  • Handspring Visor: Edge, blue
  • Handspring Visor: Deluxe

I started my small-screen reading on the Visor Edge. It displayed a dozen words per page, but even back then I didn't want to read books on paper any more.

I have a clear memory of being in American Samoa for the weekend in around 2001 — I was working in (Western) Samoa for a week or so at the time. I was reading a book on the Edge at night in my hotel room.

Just look at the stuff on that list: old-style TV, DVD, VHS. We haven't had a TV in the house for well more than a decade; I haven't had a printer for a decade or more either. I upgraded from iPod to iPhone and iPad. How my life has moved on.

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