A bit of gardening — hard yakka

A bit of our property beside our lane has always been a struggle. The rabbits dig numerous holes, it’s steep (75° according to my iPhone level) and uneven. I can’t use the mower on it and using the weedeater is very hard work.

Over the last while I laid down mulch, then realised I should do a better job so I laid down cardboard on top of the thin layer of mulch, then added a thick layer of mulch on top. Old tires form the edges. That was exhausting.

Also exhausting was planting 9 plants: Leptospermum Mahinepua, Leptospermum Nanum Kea, and Coprosma rugosa Lobster. The coprosma are in the back row. The leptospermum are a kind of mānuka.

To plant each one I dug through the mulch and cardboard then made as big a hole as I could. I added a fertiliser tablet, potting mix (our place is all sand) and filled the hole with water. Then the plant went in, the hole was filled and the mulch put back.

It’s only about 8 square metres but the slope made it perhaps the hardest gardening job I’ve done at our place.

We’re due some 35mm rain tomorrow. I only hope the wet mulch doesn’t just all slide down the bank!

Labels from Leptospermum Mahinepua, Leptospermum Nanum Kea, and Coprosma rugosa Lobster.The finished garden from the lane. The finished garden from the top of the bank.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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