How to get list bullets on the Home Page with Marfa theme

The other day I wrote a post with a list in it. Mysteriously, it showed up on the Home Page of my blog without any list bullets. I use the Marfa theme.

That was disconcerting and I tried a few things with Custom CSS to sort it out. Finally I found what worked, though it took quite some time to be visible on the Home Page:

#post-list li li { list-style-type: disc; }
/* overcomes lack of list marker on home page */

Part of the 'problem' is that posts on the Home Page appear in a list. The list marker (bullet point) is removed so we don't get a bullet point before each post (#post-list li).

A list that appears within a post has to have the marker restored, hence (#post-list li li). As for the list-style-type, choose whatever marker you prefer. Just be aware it will apply to all kinds of lists in all posts. If you sometimes use unordered lists and at other times ordered lists then my code above will need to be refined.

I haven't tested it, but something along the lines of #post-list li ul li and #post-list li ol li might work.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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