4 years of daily selfies, and counting…

Somewhere around 01 January 2015 I realised that of the thousands of photos in my albums only a handful had me in them. I decided to take a selfie every day — not for publication, just for reference. And that’s what I’ve done. Sometimes I even take more than one, just for fun.

I’ve missed only a couple of days through forgetfulness, and a couple where an uncooperative camera app has failed to save without my realising.

Because the photos are only for me I don’t pay a lot of attention to quality or composition.

A lot has changed over the years: the iPhone front camera got better, because I recall taking early selfies with the rear camera and just hoping I was in picture. The camera software has got better. My technique has improved heaps. My hair’s even shorter now and there are extra wrinkles and sags. I also changed my glasses and now wear either sunglasses or clear glass.

Here are my 01 January photos from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

It’s all good fun.

Selfie, 01 January 2015. Selfie, 01 January 2016. Selfie, 01 January 2017. Selfie, 01 January 2018. Selfie, 01 January 2019.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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