I have at least a passing interest in many things. Below are some of the things I seem to spend more time on, as of August 2021. I may amplify on the bullet points later.

  • Taking photos, especially of my everyday life and of birds. I use my iPhone 11 mostly, or my Fuji X-T2 with a 70-300mm zoom lens.
  • Birds — I’m making a list of birds we see around our house and also nearby at a couple of tiny freshwater lakes and the sea shore. I have around 30 species at the moment, but will think of more, I’m sure. I’m trying to learn more about these birds.
  • Apple stuff — I love my MacBook Pro, watch, iPhone and iPad. I specially like when I can automate something on my Mac.
  • Sciency stuff — there are quite a few YouTube video series I watch on generally sciency topics.
  • Language stuff — languages and words fascinate me. I listen to several linguistics podcasts.
  • Lesbian and gay stuff, women’s stuff, feminist stuff.
  • Cozy murder mysteries, women PIs and the like — some favourite authors include Cheri Baker, Cheryl A Head, Jana DeLeon, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (space opera).
  • Star Trek TV shows, especially Voyager and Discovery.
  • My electric bike — I want to go on some day or multi-day bike tours. Not mountain bike tracks, just easy formed paths, preferably reasonably flat and scenic. I’ve got my eye on the Otago Rail Trail, the West Coast Wilderness Trail and some others.
  • Crosswords and the New York Times Acrostic. I really like the American-style crosswords which can be very creative and immensely fun, and enjoy cryptic crosswords too. I often use Black Ink for solving them on my Mac.
  • Blogging, with Micro.Blog. It’s a wonderful community and excellent service.
  • Dogs: we have two, now elderly and in poor health. I like dogs.
  • Space, the night sky, dark skies.
  • The practice of stoicism — this is an interesting approach to life that meshes quite well with my own natural inclinations.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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