• At 7 am, still about 40 minutes before sunrise, I stepped on to the beach. Although there was barely any light the pair of Paradise Ducks on the nearby remnant lagoon loudly announced my arrival. In the background are a few birds twittering. 🐦

  • An interesting 11 minute interview — NZ's smallest bird makes new sounds | RNZ 🐦 :

    A new study shows the tiny titipounamu or rifleman has the ability to learn to make new sounds, just like parrots.

  • This Pohowera | Banded dotterel has somewhere to be … 🐦

    Banded dotterel flying just above the sand.

    While this Black-fronted Dotterel is looking good …

    Black-fronted dotterel with its dark stripes and white chest.
  • My day went awry in the best possible way. I cut short my bike ride to collect my Fuji X-T5 and take photos of a rare visitor to Waikawa Beach: a Kōtuku | White heron. 🐦

    Such amazing birds!

    Tall white bird stands tall beside a river.
    Pure white bird with sharp yellow beak and neck kinked flies across the image.
    Black shag in the river looks at the heron on the bank.

  • I knew it was still too dark at dawn to take photos of the Pūkeko by the lake, but I did anyway. I like the effect on this shot. Fujifilm X-T5, lens: XF100-400mm, ISO 12800, 600 mm, 1 ev, f22, 1/30 s. 🐦

    Dark bird with glowing red face shield beside almost glowing rushes, everything else black.
  • At the beach this morning: 3 spur-winged plovers and a pied stilt.

    Spur-winged plovers, pied stilt by a large puddle of water.

    In the next there's a spur-winged plover, a pied stilt, a black-fronted dotterel (in the background), while a swallow flies by. 🐦

    A spur-winged plover, a pied stilt a black-fronted dotterel (in the background), while a swallow flies by.
  • This morning I joined a couple of other members of the Horowhenua branch of Forest and Bird to do a bird count at Waikawa Beach estuary. We don't have so many birds around at the moment, but along with the usuals we spotted a flock of maybe 60 white-fronted terns, and also 5 banded dotterels. 🙌🏼 🐦

  • Pied Stilt (and friend). 🐦

    Pied stilt with reflection.
  • This Pied Shag kept an eye on me while drying its wings at the beach. 🐦

    Pied shag on the beach with wings spread.
  • From Queenstown we travelled to Te Anau where I was able to spend a few minutes walking round Punanga Manu | the bird sanctuary. I had a wonderful close-up view of a total of 5 takahē. 🐦

    Te Anau bird sanctuary sign.
    Takahē on grass, feeding
  • Yesterday I took a bunch of rubbish photos at the beach. Today I applied more thought. A pair of white-faced herons was keeping an eye on my process. 🐦

    A pair of white-faced herons on driftwood, looking at me.
  • This Paradise Shelduck pair stood out on the lake today. 🐦

    Paradise Shelduck pair.
  • I haven't visited the beach with my camera so much lately — many of the birds have gone. Today I took the camera and captured this Tarapunga | Red-billed gull. 🐦

    Tarāpunga | Red-billed Gull reflected in wet sand.
  • At the Te Anau bird sanctuary I spotted Takahē and Whio (Blue Duck). 🐦

    Punanga Manu o Te Anau/Te Anau Bird Sanctuary

    Two Takahē in Te Anau.
    Two Takahē in Te Anau.
    Two Whio at Te Anau.
    Two Whio at Te Anau.
  • So cool 🐦 : 3D printed eggs used in fairy tern rescue programme | RNZ News:

    Staff remove the [real] eggs, take them to incubators at Auckland Zoo, and the terns continue incubating what they thought were their eggs.

    … a record-breaking breeding season with 22 eggs laid and 14 chicks successfully hatched.

    Tiny chick beside its parent on the beach.
    A tara iti chick steps briefly out of its nest at Waipū to explore. Photo: RNZ; Supplied / Darren Markin.
  • On the beach yesterday. 🐦

    Social distancing for NZ Dotterels.
    Social distancing for NZ Dotterels.
    NZ Dotterel looking fine.
    NZ Dotterel looking fine.
    Immature red-billed gull up close.
    Immature red-billed gull up close.
  • Waves? What waves? 🐦

    Waikawa Beach, Aotearoa, for the Pacific Wave Appreciation Society. 🌊

  • There was one Ngutupapa | Royal Spoonbill at Kuku Beach this morning. 🐦

    Spoonbill just coming in to land on shallow water, with wings spread.
  • Kuku Beach Estuary is a 3.5 Km walk north along the beach, but I drove there by road this morning. A local told me there had been a lot of birds there yesterday, but today there weren't so many. Lots of ducks though. 🐦

    Oystercatcher and godwit hanging out with ducks at Kuku Beach.
    Oystercatcher and godwit hanging out with ducks at Kuku Beach.
  • Chilly at the beach this dawn. We're now in one of the official Autumns. 🐦

    Oystercatcher and almost grown up chick.
    Oystercatcher and almost grown up chick.
    Oystercatcher with a tasty grub, and a friend, possibly an adult chick.
    Oystercatcher with a tasty grub, and a friend, possibly an adult chick.
  • Through the window. A rather scruffy looking Starling. 🐦

    Starling on a flax spear.
  • Half a dozen Kōurarini | European goldfinches were outside my bedroom window this morning. 🐦

    Small colourful bird on a fence rail.
  • Not sure I've seen a dozen or more Poaka | Pied Stilt all together at our beach before. 🐦

    Pied Stilt flock.
  • Bird footprints on the beach. 🐦

    A line of bird footprints.
    A zig zag line of bird footprints.
  • There is a small group of Warou | Welcome swallows who spend a proportion of their days perched on the deck railing, about 3 metres away, watching Miraz TV. Sometimes they also air their opinions on the failings of the plot or characterisation. 🐦

    A small bird on a railing, looking at me.
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