Spots before my eyes

In the last few years my eyes have been a little unpredictable — I feel as though I just can’t see right. Frequent eye tests let me know I should be able to see just fine with my current glasses. I value my sight, so my glasses are something I spend money on: high quality, high refraction index progressive lenses, with anti-reflective coating and rimless lightweight frames. Today I finally realised: the problem may well be that although I treat my specs with great care the photochromic coating I’ve availed myself of in the last few years has become blotchy. I can’t afford new glasses really but I dislike constantly feeling as though I can’t quite see right. I’m getting a quote for new daily specs, just the same as my current ones but not photochromic. Later on maybe I’ll convert this frame to carry polarised lenses for sunny days.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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