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@pimoore @alpower I'm another fan. I've rewatched the show many times and on each rewatch have noticed things in earlier episodes that play out in later episodes. That's because one person, JMS, wrote the entire show and had it all planned out from start to finish so knew what what coming up and how to foreshadow it. While it can take a bit to get into the first season which weaves together a bunch of seemingly disparate strands and season 5 wasn't my favourite, the three middle seasons were enormously powerful and enjoyable. I found the overall finale so moving I couldn't bear to rewatch it for a very long time. It does look a little dated now but the show is superb. Also, the way it was written with a story arc affected contemporary shows like DS9 that then moved into more of an arc format from their previous episodic formats.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz