Sometimes I post about my Coturnix Coturnix quail. I have white and Pharaoh quail from the breeder linked above.

The quail are small birds that weigh around 130 grams when adult. Freshly hatched chicks are tiny — some people describe them as being bumblebee sized.

I keep the quail as pets and eat the eggs. Flock size is around 6, but has fluctuated for various reasons.

I intend to add to this page over time.

Tuesday 05 March 2019:

My quail are Coturnix Coturnix as in the photo of the bird in the hand below. They're similar to, but not the same as, California Quail, with the distinctive curl on the head.

Florence, a Coturnix Coturnix quail. A brown stripey bird in my hand.

Photo of California quail, adult male. Photographed by Yathin sk, in Point Reyes National Seashore California:

California quail.

Thursday 07 March 2019: Today I caught baby Glee ‘in the wild’, ie, in their house, and she posed nicely. Quail have no prey sense and no homing instinct. You have to keep quail fenced or they'll just be gone. Mind you, when one escaped recently I found her trying to get back in…

White quail chick in straw.

White quail chick and stripey adult quail in straw.

Friday 08 March 2019: The first mistake I made with my Japanese Quail was to buy a rabbit hutch and run to house them. A raised house was reached by a ramp, and a wire run was on either side. Quail *won’t* go up a ramp. They stay on the ground. I ended up dismantling it and using the parts.

Rabbit hutch and run: a raised house with a wire run either side.

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