These are folks who qualify as Kiwis on Micro.Blog. Perhaps they were born in New Zealand, or perhaps they live there now. If you know of anyone I've missed out, please let me know.

  1. @arw: Love to learn, analyse and think. Create maps and diagrams. Located Te Ika-a-Māui, Aotearoa.
  2. @billbennettnz: Not actually a geek, more a chronicler of geekdom. Still mainly a journalist, sometimes a blogger. Now also a micro blogger. Based in Auckland.
  3. @cheerschopper: Based in Wellington.
  4. @CTD: Came to UK from NZ in 1983 for 3 months. Still there.
  5. @dejus: Owner of @Dejal, an indie macOS and iOS developer, and @YellowCottage Homestead, with cats, chickens, bees, lavender, and more. Based near Portland, Oregon, USA.
  6. @dubh.
  7. @embark.
  8. @herself: I'm Jess. :) Based in Eastbourne near Wellington.
  9. @JacksonOfTrades: A sociology/journalism student studying at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. Chuunibyou writer, amateur photog, curtain fire enthusiast. When I grow up I wanna be a Gonzo!
  10. @Jax, based in The San Francis Bay Area USA, originally from Wellington.
  11. @JeremyWxBaker, Wellingtonian. Global Citizen.
  12. @jstr: Dad, Kiwi, programmer, etc., from Nelson, New Zealand.
  13. @LostMoa: We are a software development company based in New Zealand passionate about iOS and iPadOS app development. Located in Christchurch.
  14. @mikenz: Biochemist, Dad, Husband. I'm easily fascinated by allsorts of stuff, including faith, poetry, toxicology, psychology and ice cream. I live in New Zealand.
  15. @Miraz: I enjoy systems, simplicity and silence. I enjoy taking photos of the world around me. Sometimes they work out OK. I live at Waikawa Beach in New Zealand, which I love, and strive to be an actively decent human being. Pronouns: she/her.
  16. @ricmac : Founder of Cybercultural, an email newsletter focused on the intersection of technology and the cultural industries. Previously founder and editor of ReadWriteWeb from 2003-2012. Based in Wellington.
  17. @stitchpunk: She/her. Stationery & crafts nerd (dyeing, spinning, knitting.) Growing old disgracefully. Owns too many bottles of ink..
  18. @tones: person of interests.
  19. @Yorrike: Geek, environmentalist, geologist, Wellingtonian.

BTW: see Countries of follow on Micro.Blog to see where people I follow come from.

Miraz Jordan @Miraz