Discovering possibility and hope again

Ohhh, Star Trek Discovery was a blimmin good story, beautifully told. And that reminder of the Original Series stirs up so much for me. I watched it as a kid at the time of Apollo missions and moon landings and discovery and hope and excitement. The world was new to this kid and there was so much possibility in the universe. Actual space exploration and sci-fi space shows help us move out and beyond and be bigger than the petty mundanities of our daily lives. Star Trek has been there, a constant element in my life. I realise I have such a deep attachment to it. That mention, and the original theme music, all but brought me to tears. It may sound silly to attribute anything much to a TV show, but really, it has touched me deeply. I so hope there will be a Discovery Season Two. 🖖🏼

Miraz Jordan @Miraz

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